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10 exercises to get great abs without sit-ups

  Whatever fat starts to settle around the midsection is going to have to be removed one day, which usually means that you will have to put yourself into a negative calorie balance for a considerable period. This will, of course, tend to hold back or diminish overall muscle gains. The following are a series of exercises which can be done, and there is not one sit-up in site, try each one, include in your overall workout routine to obtain any benefit. 1. Kettlebell swings The kettlebell swing is a near gym-perfect exercise because it works your heart, legs, core, and back. Swings are an explosive, compound movement that produce lean muscle from head to toe.   2. Farmer's walk Grab a heavy dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell with both arms, and take it for a walk. The farmer's walk is like a moving plank that tests your grip, legs, trapezoids, and abdominal strength all in one go.     3. Single leg push-ups Had enough of the bench press? Tone your chest while utilizin
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Serge Nubret – Insights and Motivation

  Although he passed on ten years ago, Serge Nubret’s name remain synonymous with bodybuilding. Winning numerous bodybuilding competitions, he is part of the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding, which includes the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Covering a glittering career which included the 1976 NABBA Mr. Universe title he also includes actor and self-published author to his repertoire.   Nick named the “Black Panther” he was one of Europe’s and France’s premier athletes of his day. Today we cover his insights and motivation, specifically covering attitude to bodybuilding, preparing for competition and goal setting.   Learn from one of the masters of bodybuilding on how to maintain motivation levels and be prepared to make sacrifices to achieve your dream. Motivation and Goal Setting Regardless of whether you have an uncontrollable need or only a wholesome want, you must organize your mind through a series of goal-setting actions. Without any positive and clearly visu

Barbell workout for all over fitness

Working out at home these days has become more mandatory due to restrictions imposed at our local gym. This does not mean that our fitness should be affected by these closures. There is a way to stay fit, and still work out at home without all the apparatus. Working out at home with available barbell and weights is a good way of achieving this, so if you have an old set available, then no need to wait for the gym to reopen, start your routine today. There are many different routines that can be performed to achieve your goal, whether it be for burning fat, or for strength, the use of the humble barbell can help you achieve this. This blog will cover “Total Body Training with only a barbell” the weight on the barbell is up to you, as you get stronger then add more weight. The assumption with the workouts mentioned here, is that because you are at home, you may not have access to a workout bench. This means all you have is access to a barbell some weights a little bit of room and not